Check your roof before Christmas!

Published on: 15:06 4th December 2014

Christmas is just around the corner and with festivities underway have you got everything ready? You may have all of your decorations up, all of your presents might have been bought and wrapped, but when was the last time you checked your roof?

With the weather getting colder during the lead up to Christmas, roofs can start to show their weaknesses. Watermarks can appear on the inside and outside of walls, tiles can crack due to trapped moisture freezing and roof beams can develop rot if they are not checked and treated.

So when you dig out the Christmas decorations from your loft, just have a check around. Are the walls a bit damp to touch? Or can you see wet patches on the beams? Does the loft smell damp and musky? If the answer is yes to just one of these questions, then the time to act is now!

Give us a call and we will:

  • Answer any enquiries you may have
  • Send out a team of experienced roofers
  • Give you a free estimation and see what work needs to be done
  • Fix the problem completely, leaving you with peace of mind

Don’t hesitate to contact us as ignoring the problems can lead to bigger issues and can become increasingly expensive. We are here to help!

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